Emergency Information

At this time, there are no additional significant weather events being forecast, however the City of Santa Rosa would still like to provide the following information to help you prepare for any future storms this winter.

Please report emergencies by calling 911. This also includes trees down onto homes or structures, power lines down, significant flooding, mud slides, etc. In order to help prevent damage from flooding, free sand and bags are available to City residents at the City Municipal Services Center at 55 Stony Point Road. For additional information, please see the news section below.
  1. What You Can Do on Your Own
  2. Emergency Information and News
  3. During an Emergency
  4. Evacuation
  5. Sheltering
  6. Transportation
  7. Preparation
  8. Hospitals
  9. Fire Stations
  10. Local Resources
  11. Non-Emergency Numbers

What You Can Do on Your Own

The City of Santa Rosa with American Red Cross and other agencies has identified City Community Centers, High Schools, Middle Schools and other facilities to help address sheltering needs for our community and for special, access and functional needs individuals and groups. During and/or after an emergency, information on those facilities will be provided through public press release releases.